It’s finally real!

Yesterday, this experience became real. Of course, I do not mean to say the four days preceding were fake or nonexistent; I mean that yesterday’s events put the reality of this experience into light. Getting our fieldwork assignments and touring the Tampa Bay Times Forum were the excitement sparks of the days to follow. Seeing the Forum, the primary location of the convention and the location of the nominee Mitt Romney’s speech, was surreal. The stage was just as the New York Times described it would be: a stage set to feel as if a living room, conveying warmth and comfort through the dark wood and the “picture framed” screens that will display Romney giving his speech. My fieldwork will be working with the Committee on Arrangements for the convention, meaning I will have the chance to be in the Forum, hopefully feeling that ‘warmth’ from not only Romney’s speech, but from the surrounding delegates and fellow Republicans.
This moment of light-shedding on the reality of a situation is metaphoric and foreshadowing, in a way, to the upcoming election. Thus far, the campaign has been a year of candidates getting out and speaking to the country’s constituents, parties relinquishing war on each other, and the media following every move of every candidate up for election on both federal and congressional level. Now, the conventions are taking place in the upcoming two weeks; the RNC is the official acceptance of Romney’s candidacy, so the conventions being finally here is the light-shedding moment of the reality that the campaigns are coming to an end and the election is just around the corner.


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