Catching up…

Im sitting in my hotel room staring at a pile of bags.. I can’t believe this is it. These two weeks came and went.

Sunday, as I said, I was invited to volunteer at the “Two Step, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll” GOP party. The four women running it threw a great party, complete with the Commodores and Josh Abbott Band performing, free Cuban cigars being rolled and plenty of interesting influential people to get to know. It was invigorating to see that even at events where people let their hair down and dance to the music, people of all backgrounds could talk in casual manner of their beliefs. I met many lobbyists and politicians and got to understand how everyone stands and why they want to vote republican, Romney supporter or not.

The next few days consisted of long shifts and late nights working with the Committee on Arrangements. I met and talked business with Steve Baldwin, swam and talked politics with Iowa delegates, and Although another volunteer position, our networking and our passes (and friends’ passes) were able to get us direct access to the forum to see the speeches! I was blessed to see speakers like Rand Paul, John McCain, Condoleezza Rice, Susana Martinez, Paul Ryan, Clint Eastwood and Mitt Romney himself, speak to an overwhelming crowd, managing always to get them up on their feet and cheering for this wonderful nation and the hopes we have for it. This is what America needs; this kind of hope and change that will actually be instilled in the future!


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