Last but not least…

This whole experience has been inspiring. Not only the informative lectures and seminars provided by the Washington Center, or the fieldwork placements I was given, or even the opportunity to chant and cheer along with every speech. Even my faculty leader (luckily from MA!) was a great asset, educating us on the process, encouraging stimulating free debate and most of all, ensuring this experience could be all it was meant to be.

For me though, the best party was meeting students from all over the nation, most which I believe are our nations’ future leaders. A man I became close with from California gave me validation that any background can be any party supporter; it’s about the values and ideas, not the parties or the leaders. A young man from Connecticut I met through the program showed me that even through the tumultuous childhood his father’s military service put his family through, he is still wanting to follow his father’s great path to defend this great nation. Three girls I became close with, one from California, one from New York (originally Ghana), and one from Texas, have shown me the willingness to learn, have the diverse knowledge of opinions and the ability to humbly lead still exists in young women! These people were the most inspiring of all for me. Young people, although our future seems downtrodden with our present state, still believe in themselves and this beautiful country. As Condoleezza Rice boldly said in her moving speech: “It’s does not matter where you came from, it matters where you are going”.


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